Top 7 Must-Buy Outfits And Accessories To Upgrade Your Style


One of the many dilemmas of girls is they don’t have anything to wear. Despite a wardrobe full of tops and dresses, these are not enough for a girl who wishes to spice up her OOTDs.

Fortunately, we got some tips on the top must-buy outfits and accessories to upgrade your style.

Take a sneak peek below:

Backless Top

Source: Flickr

Backless is one of the top trends today. Grab it at your favorite local stores and pair it with your old jeans or skirts. Flaunt your flawless skin and sexy back. Show the world what you’ve got!

Chiffon Kimono Top

Source: Pinterest

Admit it, you love wearing shirt and jeans in school and in office. It is comfortable and it makes one be productive.

But to level-up your style, it is best to pair it with a chiffon kimono top. You can choose your favorite patterns may it be floral, animal print, or just plain color.

Wear it with wedges and surely you will stand out from the crowd!

Fishnet Leggings

Source: Pexels

Try to wear some fishnet leggings on your ripped shorts, jeans, and skirts. This will build up one’s look and look sexier. Wear it as you go shopping or dating with partners. It will definitely improve one’s confidence, especially during the hard times.

Heart Sunnies

Source: Billboard

Pump up your day with a Heart Sunnies! This must-have compliments almost any tops and dresses.

Spread good vibes and positivity with your retro looks. Also, this is a good accessory since the looks of the ‘80s is now having a major comeback and you wouldn’t want to be left behind!

Hot Pink Heels

Source: Flickr

Who says heels are out of the trend? Make your get-ups one-of-a-kind with hot pink heels which are available in your favorite shoe shops. Surely, this will catch the attention of all onlookers, so, go ahead and check it out.

Jumper Dress

Source: Flickr

Having some hard time choosing what to wear on your next Instagram shoot? Then pair the jumper or the overall dress with your favorite tops.

You can choose your favorite color, may it be pastel, nude, or neon. Be creative with your style and your Instagram will have thousands or millions of likes and followers!

Leather Jacket

Source: Pexels

We all love wearing dress anywhere we go. But put some leather jacket and you’ll see heads turning on you.

This elegant and classy style is making an epic comeback. As such, wear it with pride and be the center of the limelight.


In a nutshell, you don’t need to spend on new outfits for work or photoshoots. You just have to grab some accessories, be creative, and walk the runway with head up high.

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