This Infant Was Sleeping Soundly Until…OMG! I Can’t Believe What Wakes Him Up!


As soon as this video started rolling, the image took my breath away. I am a sucker for an infant, but such a small newborn, curled up into a precious little ball? It’s like I can hear all of the millions of people who have watched this video let out a collective, “Aww!”
Everything about the video starts out impossibly sweet as this mother films her baby Tyler. I didn’t learn until afterwards that mother thought she was taking a picture, not a video, of her newborn babe. That wouldn’t seem to matter, until you see what she captures! Only a few seconds in to this 12-second clip, baby Tyler lets out one mighty little fart! It is so booming for his tiny frame, in fact, that his eyes instantly open! Tyler is soon to learn how much power our bodies can have, especially when we put them in such comfortable positions. I couldn’t stop chuckling at this funny video! What was your reaction?

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