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Real Reasons Why It Is Best To Go Vegetarian


Has it ever came to you on why people are going vegetarian nowadays? Some may wish to live a healthy life and live long. According to studies, around 70% of the diseases nowadays are all based on an improper diet.

Others just choose to preserve Mother Nature for the next generation to come. Add to that the love for animals, thus, they choose not to eat meat and go for the greens instead.

Through the years, there are various resources available for the public to prove the benefits derived from going vegetarian. These are all based from a series of studies conducted to have a thorough discussion of the subject matter.

Sneak a peek from some of it:

1. Healthy Option

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Going vegetarian is the right option to prevent various communicable diseases in the community. According to studies, the consumption of green leafy vegetables, for example, can help prevent the risk of heart diseases.

It aids in cutting out the levels of cholesterol and saturated fats. Apart from avoiding cardiovascular ailments, it is also the best choice to lose some weight.

According to Dr. Michael F. Roizen, one can add around 13 years of his life after switching from the standard American diet to vegetarian diet. Dr. Roizen is also the author of the Real Age Diet: Make Yourself Younger with What You Eat.

2. Environment-Friendly

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According to the studies done by the United Nations, raising an animal as food contributes to 18% of the warming of the planet. Also, animal consumption adds to water contamination, air pollution, plus soil erosion.

Through the years, we have experienced the negative impact on our nature. Landslides are killing people and pollution is putting everyone’s health in danger.

Thus, one best option to help the environment is to go vegetarian. Instead of eating dairy and red meat, replace it with soy milk and chickpeas instead.

Indeed, even one small act can make a huge impact on the planet. So, make sure to make a wise decision now!

3. Sympathy for Animals

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Many people are becoming conscious of the care for the animals. This thus not only include dogs and cats. But also the cows, chickens, and pigs.

For the past years, the demand for meat is intensifying. As such, the campaign for the people to go vegetarian is becoming vocal today.

According to studies, for 100,000 of people who go vegetarian, the demand for meat consumption can be reduced to around 2.5 million annually. This goes all the same with fishes, cows, pigs, and chickens.


In a nutshell, going vegetarian will allow us to prevent diseases, be healthy, and live longer. We can also save the plant, avoid pollution, and spare the lives of the animals.  Finally, going vegetarian can make one save his hard-earned money and focus on more important things in life.

Indeed, there are many options available. One needs to be creative in finding and cooking healthy fruits and vegetables.

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