Mom Says She Knew Baby Would Be Extra Hairy Because She Had Acid Reflux During Pregnancy


Claire Shenton’s baby girl Renesmae is barely 4 weeks old and already turning heads with her full mane. Claire isn’t surprised her little one is extra hairy — she says all three of her daughters share the unusual trait.

“I wasn’t surprised when Renesmae was born and I saw her with a full head of hair,” Claire told Caters News. “When I was pregnant I suffered with serious acid reflux and heartburn, and that tends to be the telltale factor that your baby’s going to be hairy.”
Claire says there’s no way of controlling Renesmae’s hair so she just lets it run wild.

“There’s absolutely no taming the main though — it’s too fine and frizzy, and sticks on end too much, so there’s no controlling it,” she said. “But I love it, I’m putting off her first haircut and I let it dry naturally because I want her to have really long, thick hair like my eldest daughter has.”

The doting mother said Renesmae enjoys getting her hair a bit primped. Some of her friends are a little covetous of the baby’s unique feature.

“Most of my friend’s babies haven’t got a lot of hair — or at least not half as much as Renesmae does. Every time they see her sprouting more hair they can’t help telling me that they’re so jealous,” Claire said. “I’m not sure she quite realizes just how much everyone loves her and her hair — but if she did I’m sure she’d love it!”

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