Lion vs. Zebra, Zebra Wins!

This video is actually no less than amazing, the first time we were exposed to it we knew we must share it with the audience of,
This video is an amazing piece from South Africa, from a rare record of an amazing battle between a zebra and a hungry lion female that only wants to devour the zebra.

The full video is on page 3 of the article, but before that we will bring you some introduction and explanation of what is happening there, because for us this is a piece with a lot of value.

So the video begins with what appears to be a zebra lying on the ground and a lioness trying to defeat her by biting the zebra neck. The zebra with a great miracle manages not to despair and to fight for its life without despair. After about 12 seconds she just manages to stand up and almost run away, but the lioness does not let her go on trying to defeat the zebra.

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