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Jimmy Buffett Surfs In South Carolina Ahead Of Hurricane Florence: ‘I Ain’t Afraid Of Dying’


Even the king of the beach, Jimmy Buffett, is warning people to get off the coast — although it looks like he’s still enjoying the waves while he can!

Jimmy Buffett just shared a photo on Instagram that shows him on a South Carolina beach, right where Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall. But the fact that he’s holding a surfboard and grinning wildly in the picture does not mean he wants you to join him.

The biggest storm of the year has officially arrived. Florence is a category 2 hurricane that’s over 15,000 square miles, and it’s considered especially dangerous due to its size and slow speed. Experts forecastrecord-breaking rainfall and flooding inland, not to mention damage from the heavy sustained winds.

And all that mayhem is headed straight at the Carolinas, where Jimmy is apparently still surfing. Check out the Mayor of Margaritaville’s warning to all his loyal fans below:

Jimmy may be 71 years old, but he’s still living the good life.

The icon continues to do live shows and sing his timeless tracks with some of the biggest names in the business.

Even Pitbull joined Jimmy on stage during a recent tour stop!

But when the creator of Margaritaville isn’t performing to tens of thousands of fans, you can usually find him at the beach.

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