Dad who defended his family by knocking out drunk who urinated on his fence will NOT be prosecuted


The man, who hasn’t been named, was filmed punching the topless intruder to the ground as he tries to defend his home.

Cops today confirmed the dad will not be prosecuted over the October 22 incident in Bushey, Herts, after the drunk decided not to press charges.

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Image result for The dad tells him: "The police are coming. You are on camera [...] you broke my property, you are in front of my children and my wife. Move on. I can't do this in front of my children." He continues to ask him to move on, but the younger man lodges himself into his house gate which breaks as a result. "You're drunk man, take your guitar and get off my property," the dad says. "You're not being f***ing nice." However he still refuses to move, telling the dad: "Don't p*** me off mate." The dad then snaps, punching him to the floor and kicking him. He says: "C***. I f***ing warned you."

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