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    Unbelievable! Snowball At The Horses, Now Watch Their Reaction…

    The Clydesdale horse: beautiful, majestic, strong. But who knew they’re hilarious, too?! This classic Budweiser commercial from 2005 features the infamous Clydesdale horses in all their glory, enjoying a snowball fight in the middle of a winter’s day. No matter how many times I watch it, I still love it! The video itself is on […] More

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    6 Staggering Videos Of Hurricane Florence In North Carolina!

    More than 300,000 people without power as ‘life-threatening’ storm lashes US central seaboard with damaging winds and storm surge. We’ve collected a list of impressive videos from North Carolina today. Water Rushes Into North Carolina Beach Town as Hurricane Closes In: Water rushed into Frisco on North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Thursday, September 13, as Hurricane Florence […] More

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    Kendall Jenner’s Relationship WIth Ben SImmons Goes NEXT Level!

    This time, the one who starred in overseas gossip sites is the model Kendall Jenner, 22, who is considered to be the sane side of the trash family. According to reports, Jenner began dating the NBA player, Ben Simmons, 21 weeks ago, an anonymous source told the Associated Press on Tuesday. Another source said the […] More

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    Lion vs. Zebra, Zebra Wins!

    This video is actually no less than amazing, the first time we were exposed to it we knew we must share it with the audience of, This video is an amazing piece from South Africa, from a rare record of an amazing battle between a zebra and a hungry lion female that only wants […] More