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7 Affordable Solutions To Costly Problems


Whenever there are issues inside the house or even at work, it is best to settle it right away. However, due to expensive purchases, sometimes, we tend to neglect the issue.

The good thing is, there are various affordable alternatives that one can afford. The key is patience, some research, and a little creativity.

Now, check out the cheap solutions we are talking about:

Bra Strap Extension

Source: ebay

For women, buying a new bra can be out of the budget. Bra size can develop over time and one of the best solutions is to purchase a bra strap extension. This is usually available in local stores and it comes in different sizes and designs.

Elastic Fasteners for Thick Mattress

Source: ebay

To avoid replacing the bed sheets with new ones, use an elastic fastener for a thick mattress. It can tuck in the sheets and prevent it from getting on the floor and becoming dirty.

Also, it can avoid tearing of the fabric and costly repairs.

Fabric Dye

Source: ebay

Restore old pair of jeans with a bottle of fabric dye. Faded shirts can also become brand new once again with the use of this product.

Choose a fabric dye according to the color of your garment and surely you’ll enjoy using your clothes as if it’s brand new!

Jewelry Cleaning Solution


If your jewelry is a little dirty due to constant use, then clean it now with a cleaning solution. This is specially made for all types of jewelry. It can remove the dirt that accumulated and protects it from further damage.

Polishing Kit for Headlights

Source: Amazon

Make your headlights look brand new with a cost-effective polishing kit. With this product, the blurry lenses of the headlights will be restored once again.

Also, one can prevent replacing of the headlights and be able to save time, money, and effort.

Scratch Remover for Cars

Source: ebay

Eliminate those scratches in your car with the use of a special scratch remover. With this, you can save a costly service in the auto shop.

With the use of this product, you don’t have to exert a lot of effort in scrubbing the surface. It does its job by giving some luster to the car once again.

Shoe Deodorizer

Source: ebay

If your shoe is dirty and muddy from all day of travel, clean it before the problem gets worst. Wash it with soap and water and dry it under the heat of the sun.

Thereafter, store the shoe in your closet or rack. Next, put some shoe deodorizer to absorb the bad odor. With this, your favorite footwear will smell brand new once again.

Also, shoe deodorizers prevent bacteria build-up which can deteriorate the quality and material of the product. As such, the shoes can stay longer and you don’t have to buy another pair.


In sum, it is best to live a frugal life and recycle the things you have inside your home. With a little creativity and use of innovative products nowadays, surely, old things will become brand new once again.

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