56-Year-Old Woman With Dementia Goes Missing On Hike. 1 Whole Day Later, Rescuers Hear Her Dog


One of the scariest things to happen in a family is for someone to go missing.

It doesn’t matter who it is, it’s always terrifying. But, there are factors that can make it much, much worse.

If the person is either very young, a senior citizen, or if they have a medical condition that needs constant monitoring, it can make the situation all the more mind-numbing.

When 56-year-old Bethnee Haury went missing while at a bed and breakfast with her family, the whole community leapt to action.

You see, Bethnee needs insulin to manage her diabetes, and she also suffers from mild dementia. Mild dementia might not sound like the scariest thing in everyday life, but if you go missing in the woods? That’s when it turns scary.

Bethnee’s husband reported her missing at 7 p.m., and just about 230 people in total pooled together from 50 different agencies to search for her.

Luckily, the next morning, they heard Bethnee’s dog when the morning search crew set out again.

Thank goodness so many people pooled together or Bethnee’s fate could have been far worse. It’s everyday heroes like the police force, search forces, and citizens (both human and canine) that chipped in to really make a difference.

This is a chilling reminder to make sure you don’t take any relative’s health for granted, and make sure that you take all necessary precautions in new and unfamiliar situations.

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