19 Secret Things Every Girl Does But Will Never Admit


You share every meal to your Instagram, even if it’s oatmeal.
Tweeting every thought that comes to your head on Twitter,
And the amount of Facebook friends you have will not embarrass any top model.

But no matter how much you share on social networks, there are still things you do and will never admit, despite the fact that everyone knows you do it 🙂
But do not worry, no one else admits it neither.

Here are several things that everyone does but never admits.

1. Picking your nose.

Nose-picking is an act that most of us dislike when others do it, but do it ourselves with pleasure, and not just while waiting at a red light. Recently, the Philippine police even had to issue a special regulation specifically prohibiting police officers from picking their nose while in duty, in order to prevent a public bad reputation.

2. Stalking on Facebook your mythological ex, crush, your BFF, people you don’t know—basically everything that breathes.

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