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When This Leopard Was Stuck In A Well, Villagers Risked Their Lives To Save It


Growing up, my dog liked to play a game called “run out the front door and see if my family can catch me!” He was a sweet pooch, but even that didn’t entice our neighbors to help us corner him as we chased him through their backyards.

They could have learned something from these brave villagers, who assisted officials with retrieving something a lot more intimidating: a young leopard stuck at the bottom of a well. The big cat likely got lost in the dark one evening, landing himself in the sticky situation.

Using nets, a makeshift ladder, and lots of patience and courage, the group was finally able to free him from his watery confinement.

Watch the whole rescue here…it’ll have you on the edge of your seat!

The cub was then taken to a medical facility to treat his wounded claws before being released back into his natural habitat. Thank goodness these folks didn’t let fear stop them from saving a life.

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