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15 Photos that Prove Dogs are Better at Friendship than Humans


We all know dogs are amazing pets. They are the perfect non-human companions because they are loyal and would never abandon you. Sometimes, you can’t help but think they’re the only friends you need because humans are unpredictable. If you don’t have a dog and you have no plans of getting one, this article may change your mind. You’ll be convinced that you really need a furry friend in your life.

1. This dog will face his fears just to be by your side so you won’t be afraid to take a bath.


There’s no doubt this is a heroic act.

2. They make household chores extra fun – and adorable.


You won’t even know you’re doing your chores if you have this furry friend.

3. They are more adorable than your younger sibling.


Your younger sibling may be intolerable but this cute little puppy just makes you want to cuddle.

4. Dogs are loyal and they show it even when they sleep.


This is just the perfect example of bestfriend goals! These pugs just show that being clingy can actually be cute.

5. This patriotic pooch helps make America great again.


Nobody knows why his head is through the American flag but this dog looks so patriotic and loyal.

6. Dogs make you laugh even when you’re having a bad day.


Trust dogs to do something silly just to please their human friends.

7. They will wait for you NO MATTER WHAT!


This is loyalty at its finest. This pup waited for his owner to come back from work and stayed like this.

8. They know how to express themselves.


The photo was taken before and after she was called a good girl. Of course she is! Look at that face!

9. They just love doing their thing.


Dogs also know how to improvise. Who needs an umbrella when you can make a makeshift rain cloak out of the curtains?

10. They put a lot of effort into the friendship – even if they’re slightly lacking in direction.


This dog never fails to go to the right door but on the wrong floor. This is still a plus in our books because it’s worth every effort. Don’t worry buddy, you’ll get it right eventually.

11. Dogs look after their owners.


You made a mess? No problem! You’re furry friend will take care of everything!

12. They make cuddling even better.


Just look at how this cute little ball of fur is eager to cuddle. Who can say no to this?

13. They are the perfect babysitters.


Nothing beats the bond between a child and a dog. Just look how this little girl loves to cuddle with her husky!

14. Dogs are just the silliest companions!


Need I say more? Look at this!

15. Regardless of how their day went, dogs are always happy to see you.


Look at that grin on his face!

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