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    If You Own A Microwave, Then You Absolutely Must See This Video

    I’m a massive fan of life hacks for everyday household items and appliances. If there’s a way to seek out more time in my day and less time on chores, I’m all for it. That’s why I simply had to share this entertaining and informative video on ten quick and simple microwave hacks. Most of […] More

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    19 Secret Things Every Girl Does But Will Never Admit

    You share every meal to your Instagram, even if it’s oatmeal. Tweeting every thought that comes to your head on Twitter, And the amount of Facebook friends you have will not embarrass any top model. But no matter how much you share on social networks, there are still things you do and will never admit, […] More

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    10 Of The Worst Prom Dresses Ever

    Being a teenager is never easy, there are so many things that just go wrong when you are in high school, that sometimes it seems like it isn’t worth it. And then, at the peak of your high school career….. there comes prom. There are so many things to take care of for this memorable […] More

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    Embarrassing Funny Tattoos That Make You Ask WHY!?!?!?

    Yes, we all love a good pun. But some people have taken puns to the next level by actually tattooing them on their body. We have to admit, some of them are truly genius. And there is nothing better than a tattoo than a punny tattoos…. we just wonder if these people are aware of […] More

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    The Real Life Pinup Girls Models

    Now days Pin up girls are a distant memory from the past. But times used to be different, women used to be real women and men used to be real men. Many things in the world have changed and we all know that different times call for different measures. But wouldn’t it be nice if things were a bit […] More

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